Prior to becoming a dedicated LPG company, Autogas Northwest was better known as Automotive Engineering. The major work for this company was repairs, preparation and restoration of varying types of racecar, mostly short circuit and oval cars. It was this work and the company’s long term association with American cars that led it into building show cars. It was a customer base from both these groups of automotive enthusiasts that we became first aware of LPG powered vehicles, some 15 years ago. Most of the conversions were simple IMPCO systems fitted to the larger V8 Motorhomes and Pick up trucks that were used to transport race and show cars around the UK. The company’s association with LPG continued to be relatively small but had been growing slowly almost unnoticed by us.

A Company move out into the Cheshire countryside and a chance visit to an environmental vehicle show in Chester, spring of 1998, saw a total change of direction for the company. A few months of intensive research into LPG manufacturers and supply companies found us on the doorstep of Autogas 2000. This is the only company that Rolls Royce, having travelled the country, were thought to have sufficient background expertise, the right equipment and the best back up in the UK to carry out the conversion on the Queens Rolls Royce. And it was these same points that made us choose Autogas 2000 for training, supply of LPG equipment and technical advice.

In July 1998 Autogas Northwest was born. And using the same high level of workmanship that made Automotive Engineering successful has now made Autogas Northwest the Northwest’s leading LPG Conversion Company. As a dedicated LPG company our staffs daily duties are all LPG conversion based and are not interrupted by other garage related work.

Many jobs that have been carried out by Autogas Northwest have been one offs, for LPG customers that had specific needs of a certain vehicle, that many LPG companies were unable to supply, many of which can be seen in our in-house photo collection.

We are always striving to improve our service to our valued customers. As a company we are always moving forward to keep up with the latest technological advances in LPG systems.