Most spark ignition engines are suitable for conversion whether using a carburettor, petrol injection or vehicles with a catalytic exhaust system. Taking about 2 days, depending on vehicle type, and utilising a ‘bi-fuel system’, petrol running is not effected when in that mode.

A fuel tank complete with all the safety valves, including excess flow and pressure relief, is installed either in the boot compartment, or under certain circumstances onto the chassis. The fuel under pressure is piped to the engine compartment where it passes through a vaporiser that reduces the pressure and is warmed using the engine coolant system. The vapour is then introduced to the combustion chamber via a gas air mixer. For vehicles with engine management systems, further micro electronic systems are added which, when switched to Autogas use, control the fuel intake.

Our unrivalled expertise and research process has led us to choose the TARTARINI TECH 97 ANTI POLLUTION SYSTEM as our preferred option for vehicles fitted with engine management and catalytic exhaust systems.


  • Extremely compact device with a wide range of tuning characteristics.
  • Combined change over switch/fuel gauge and fuel type indicator, extremely small, optional installation in unused switch openings.
  • Choice of automatic fuel change over on acceleration or deceleration.
  • Pre-setting for reading all types of exhaust oxygen sensors.
  • Inbuilt ability to simulate oxygen sensor voltage.
  • Self-adjusting Lambda Probe control module.
  • Pre-setting for accepting all types of signals from Throttle Position Sensor (T.P.S).
  • Choice of drive: Economical - Normal - Sport.

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