Tartarini LPG Conversion:

Key Features

Etagas is a new Generic gas injection system designed by Tartarini Auto, leaders in the Autogas industry.

Generic in the term means that this injection system can be used on nearly all-new cars with the configuration being decided by the installer without any restriction being applied as like other Autogas systems.

Better fueling at all engine speeds means increased MPG on gas over other systems and lower emissions. The Etagas system has been tested and passed the new Euro 4 emission standards shortly to be employed in all European countries.

A simple compact change over switch shows the fuel that the driver is using as well as displaying which fuel the engine is running on.

Etagas is a new Generic gas injection system designed by Tartarini Auto,

  1. Filling connection
  2. Gas-proof box
  3. LPG tank
  4. LPG solenoid valve
  5. Vaporizer regulator
  6. Distributor
  7. Air intake manifold
  8. Gas petrol switch
  9. LPG electronic control unit
  10. Throttle position sensor
  11. HT coils
  12. Lambda sensor

Key functions of the Etagas to the motorist are:

  • Better drive-ability and fueling at all engine speeds.
  • No engine backfire problems.
  • Better MPG over conventional gas systems.
  • Better fuel emission (Euro 4 compatible)
  • On dash fuel change over.
  • RPM limiter to protect engine and drive train.
  • Automatic change over back to petrol when LPG tank is empty.
  • Basic system suitable for engine sizes up 4600cc.

Tank Types / Tank Sizes

Tank Types / Tank Sizes